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“[This] happens every four years… and has
preceded big price increases in bitcoin.” - CNBC


The sudden surge in demand and diminishing supplies is sending Bitcoin and select cryptocurrencies to record highs.

Keep reading to discover:

  • Why demand for cryptocurrencies is exploding
  • The beginning of the next 1,000% crypto Superboom
  • Eight cryptocurrencies you must avoid like the plague
  • Top cryptocurrencies to buy and when to buy them
  • How to go for maximum cryptocurrency profits

Dear Friend,

Right now, as we speak, two extremely powerful forces are converging in the market for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The first force has suddenly created an unprecedented and explosive demand for Bitcoin.

It began when the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the global economy and desperate central banks printed money by the trillions of dollars.

This is threatening to destroy their paper currencies and it’s driving frightened investors into alternative forms of money.

That’s why gold is rising rapidly.

And it’s why Bitcoin, a kind of digital gold, is going up even more rapidly.

The second force has abruptly reduced the supply of Bitcoin.

It’s called the “Halving” and it has just happened. It means that from this day forward, all the creation of new Bitcoin is cut in half.

The last time the Halving happened, Bitcoin surged nearly 3,000%. Litecoin jumped nearly 8,000%. Ethereum skyrocketed 12,300%. And, other lesser-known cryptocurrencies produced even greater gains.

And now — for the first time in 4 years — the halving has been triggered again.

Each of these two forces — the sudden surge in demand and the equally sudden Halving of new supplies — has the proven potential to…

Create tremendous wealth
for early investors.

Combined, they could create even more.

So, if you missed the last bull market in cryptocurrencies that minted countless new millionaires, this is your second chance to do so, but only if you act promptly in the early stages of this new Superboom.

Today, in this exclusive broadcast, the cryptocurrency experts at Weiss Ratings will show you how.

Weiss Ratings is the only financial rating agency that grades cryptocurrencies, and it has fast emerged as one of the most trusted sources for crypto ratings and forecasts in the world.

Weiss Ratings experts not only warned investors to get out of Bitcoin before it crashed back in 2018, they also told investors to buy Bitcoin, precisely at the beginning of its new bull market.

Since that call, Bitcoin has already tripled in value. And other cryptocurrencies meriting the highest Weiss Ratings have surged even more, handing their early investors huge profits.

Crypto blogs all over the world have praised the Weiss Ratings experts for their uncanny accuracy in pinpointing the best cryptos to buy and the right TIME to buy them.

Forbes, CNBC, Fortune, The Motley Fool, and many others have told their readers about…

The importance of the
Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings.

Now with this next 1,000% crypto Superboom already beginning, Weiss Ratings founder Martin Weiss and his team will reveal the eight cryptocurrencies you must avoid like the plague.

They’ll name the top cryptocurrencies to buy. And they’ll tell you when to buy them to go for maximum profits.

Gavin Magor, Director of Weiss Ratings Research

GAVIN: I’m here with Dr. Martin Weiss to bring you an urgent message. Thanks for making the time, Martin, especially given all the crazy things that are happening in the world today.

Martin Weiss, Founder of Weiss Ratings

MARTIN: It’s my pleasure, Gavin, but the crazy state of the world today is one of the two powerful forces that make this discussion so urgent right now.

We’ve talked about the destruction of the global economy. Now it’s also time to talk about the destruction of paper money. Look!

This is what the Fed did starting back in 2008 when Lehman Brothers failed and the entire financial system was melting down.

GAVIN: The first round of mass money printing, QE1. Wild, huge and unprecedented.

MARTIN: And here are the second and third rounds – QE2 and QE3.

GAVIN: Even wilder! The biggest of all time!

MARTIN: Not any more. Now all of these combined — QE1, QE2, and QE3 — look tiny by comparison to … THIS.

GAVIN: What the hell is that?!

MARTIN: That’s what the Fed has done in response to the pandemic. It has suddenly printed more money more quickly than all the money it printed since the onset of the last great debt crisis.

GAVIN: Ah! So that’s one of the reasons gold and Bitcoin have surged since March.

MARTIN: Absolutely. No doubt about it. But here’s the difference: Gold is up about 18% …

GAVIN: … which is nothing to snuff at.

MARTIN: Yeah, but…

Bitcoin has surged about 180%,
or TEN times MORE than gold!

GAVIN: Just since March.

MARTIN: Just since March.

GAVIN: Why is that? Why do you think Bitcoin surged ten times more than gold?

MARTIN: One reason is that Bitcoin is simply more volatile than gold. But there’s another, more important reason.

Bitcoin was explicitly created precisely for this kind of crisis. The creator of Bitcoin was fed up with the power of governments to print money in limitless supplies.

So he decided to create a new kind of money with a strict cap on supply, a cap that’s immutable, forever.

It’s the first form of money in the world that can never be manipulated or controlled by any government.

GAVIN: So we have huge demand for Bitcoin created by the EXPLOSION of central bank money printing.

MARTIN: Correct.

GAVIN: And at the same time, we have an immutable cap on the supply of Bitcoin.

MARTIN: Correct again, but here’s the clincher. In order to enforce that cap, every four years, the supply of NEW Bitcoins is cut in HALF. That’s the Halving.

GAVIN: OK, let’s talk about Halving. Last time we met – right here in this same conference center – you said the Halving was coming in mid-May and that it would drive a huge rally in Bitcoin.

Give us an update.

MARTIN: That’s easy. The Bitcoin Halving occurred in mid-May and it has driven a huge rally in Bitcoin.

GAVIN: How did you know?

MARTIN: No one can know the future with certainty, but in this case, it was easy.

That’s what happened in every previous Halving in history. So it was a no-brainer to expect the same pattern this time around.

GAVIN: So based on the same history, how much money could I make buying right now, thanks to the Halving.

And to keep things simple, please exclude the impact on Bitcoin prices of the Fed’s massive money printing.

Just stick with the impact of the Halving alone.

MARTIN: It has…

The potential to create massive wealth.

GAVIN: “Massive wealth” sounds like an overstatement.

MARTIN: It’s actually an understatement. If you bought Bitcoin during the last trigger event…

You could have multiplied your money more than 30 fold … turning every $10,000 invested into more than $300,000.

GAVIN: Amazing. What about other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin? Do they also surge after these trigger events?

MARTIN: Yes. Except the other cryptos typically go up more.

GAVIN: Wait, are you saying that you could have made even more than 30-fold returns if you’d bought other cryptocurrencies?

MARTIN: A lot more! With Litecoin, you could have made over 80 times your money, turning $10,000 into more than $800,000.

With Ethereum, you could multiplied your money 124 times, walking away with $1.2 million for every $10,000 invested.

But, as amazing as this is, the surge in other cryptos dwarfed Ethereum’s rise.

Had you invested $10,000 in NEM, you could have made about $2 million. It did about SEVEN times better than Bitcoin.

GAVIN: And THAT was the best!

MARTIN: No. The money you could have made in Ripple’s XRP tops them all.

If you had invested $10,000 in this single, very popular cryptocurrency on the day of the great trigger event four years ago, you could have turned $10,000 into $5.6 million.

That’s 18 times more than
you could have made with Bitcoin.

GAVIN: And today, you will reveal how investors can go for the biggest profits THIS time around?

MARTIN: I will.

GAVIN: So, how much money could I make?

MARTIN: That depends on WHAT you buy.

GAVIN: We can’t just buy the same cryptocurrencies that made the most money for investors the last time around?

MARTIN: Nope. You’ve got to pick the cryptocurrencies that are the best TODAY, and you’ve got to do that based on hard, objective data!

That’s why, starting back in 2017, we compiled…

The largest crypto database of
its kind in the world.

We put together a team of blockchain experts, data scientists and mathematicians. And we built an extremely intelligent computer model to assign ratings to every major cryptocurrency in the world.

GAVIN: No other rating agency in the world has done that.

MARTIN: None. We’re the only ones.

We tear apart their technology, tabulate their actual usage in the real world, measure their market momentum and their downside risk … and then put it all together into a single letter grade.

MARTIN: What’s more, the leading cryptocurrencies are more secure today, more liquid, and …

GAVIN: … more actively traded.

MARTIN: Right … and much easier for average investors to access.

GAVIN: OK. You’ve shown us the Halving and how it plays out. We’ve seen the tremendous amount of wealth that cryptocurrencies can create.

But here’s one thing I don’t get: Warren Buffett once said that Bitcoin is rat poison squared. In other words, he said it has no substance, no essence. You obviously think he’s wrong.

My question is: Why?

MARTIN: Let’s go back to the mid-2000s. In those days, most people, including Buffett himself, said pretty much the same thing about dot-com stocks.

Why? Because they didn’t understand the Internet.

Yes, the dot-com stocks had suffered a crash earlier in the decade.

But the Internet ITSELF never crashed.

It just continued growing by leaps and bounds. It became far faster, far more secure, and FAR more widely used than ever before.

So, today, you have a similar situation with cryptocurrencies.

Yes, there was a crash back in 2018.

But behind the scenes, the technology has continued to improve rapidly. And now cryptocurrencies are much faster, much more secure, much more accessible, and far more widely used than ever before.

GAVIN: Weiss Ratings issued a landmark white paper on that.

MARTIN: Yes, and it went viral. Was picked up by news sources all over the world.

We proved every single one of the points I just made with hard data.

And the point we proved is simple: While the market PRICE of our highest rated cryptocurrencies is still far below its peak, their actual VALUE is far better today.

Imagine a company that’s making ten times MORE money than it was a few years ago.

Then imagine you can buy that company for one-tenth the price of a few years ago … just 10 cents on the dollar.

That’s 100 times better value. And that means, you could make 100x your money when the valuation is restored.

GAVIN: In other words…

The highest rated cryptocurrencies
are undervalued.

MARTIN: Radically, grossly, ridiculously undervalued.

GAVIN: Like Apple and Google in the early to mid-2000s?

MARTIN: No! Many times MORE undervalued.

GAVIN: That’s one hell of a claim, especially since Apple has skyrocketed from less than $1 to over $300 per share.

And look at Google!

MARTIN: Yeah. Alphabet.

GAVIN: Yeah, you could have bought it for less than $90 per share and sold it recently for about $1,500 per share. And all this massive growth was driven by …


The same Internet technology that people laughed at in those days now has over four BILLION users.

The same companies most investors wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole are now worth one TRILLION dollars each. Apple — $1.3 trillion. Google - $1 trillion.

GAVIN: You’re saying this is exactly the cycle we’re starting to see right now in the crypto space?

MARTIN: A very similar cycle, yes.

Except the growth in cryptocurrencies is likely to be even bigger. And that’s the BIG reason we’re here today. To help guide you at…

The dawn of another, even greater
technological revolution.

GAVIN: The digital money revolution, you mean.

MARTIN: That’s part of it, yes. But there’s also a revolution in the understanding of what cryptocurrencies are. In the last cycle, almost nobody had ever heard of Bitcoin.

GAVIN: Today, nearly EVERYBODY has heard about Bitcoin

MARTIN: Yes, and nearly everybody has heard about how much money they could have made in the last Bitcoin bull market.

Millions of investors, including major institutional investors, are ready, willing and able to pour trillions of dollars into cryptocurrencies when they see them jumping higher again.

But there’s one thing…

One very important thing, that most
people still do NOT know.

GAVIN: Which is …

MARTIN: The fact that cryptocurrencies are NOT just a new kind of money. They’re much more than that.

They’re at the core of a technology which is so efficient and so secure, it will REPLACE THE INTERNET as we know it today.

And they will directly compete with, even replace, huge, industries.

GAVIN: Such as …

MARTIN: Such as banking. Instead of going through a bank, you’ll be able to borrow directly from the lender or lend directly to the borrower.

Ditto for the stock market. Instead of going through a broker, you’ll be able to buy directly from the seller or sell directly to the buyer.

Stock exchanges of the future will be mostly computer code and bear little resemblance to stock exchanges as we know them today.

All of this is revolutionary.

It’s evolving very quickly and it will trigger an upsurge in cryptocurrency values that will make the rise of Apple and Google seem TINY by comparison.

GAVIN: Most people still don’t see it.

MARTIN: But the world’s biggest banks and biggest tech giants do.

Bank of America, Citigroup, HSBC, UBS, and several other major banks have announced large investments into cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Business Insider reported that in just ONE quarter last year hedge funds pumped more than $200 million dollars into cryptocurrencies.

ICE — the owners of the NYSE -- is launching a new cryptocurrency exchange called BAKKT, which will open the floodgates to torrents of money pouring into cryptocurrencies.

The Nasdaq Exchange announced its planning to list Bitcoin Futures — instantly giving easy access to millions of traders and investors.

And this is just the beginning. After the Halving, this flood of new money will become a tsunami, which means …

GAVIN: The sky’s the limit.

MARTIN: Exactly.

GAVIN: This is all quite amazing. But what’s the catch?

MARTIN: The only catch is that if you wait … if you don’t take action …

You won’t see another opportunity like
this for another four years.

And as the market matures, it’s very unlikely the opportunity will be anywhere near as big as it is right now.

GAVIN: I’ve met dozens of folks who didn’t invest before the last crypto boom and they’ve been kicking themselves ever since.

But you’re saying they have a second chance to get in …

MARTIN: That’s right.

GAVIN: Martin, I’m just an average investor.

I know stocks, bonds, ETFs, even something about options.

But I know very little about cryptocurrencies. Exactly how could I use the ratings to profit from the coming crypto Superboom?

Please walk me, and our viewers, through the steps I should take ...

MARTIN: Step 1. Avoid our low-rated coins.

We currently rate over 1,000 digital coins and tokens, and the overwhelming majority get bad grades.

Don’t touch those with a ten-foot pole … no matter what hype you may hear online.

GAVIN: Name them, please. Not all of them, mind you. Just some of the most well known.

8 cryptocurrencies
to avoid like the plague...

MARTIN: I can think of eight right off the bat. Bitcoin SV -- not Bitcoin itself, but rather Bitcoin SV which is another crypto entirely. Plus, I’d avoid Digibyte … Verge … Wanchain …

GAVIN: OK. Any others in that category.

MARTIN: Yes. Skycoin, Nano and Electroneum. Just by avoiding these kinds of low-rated cryptocurrencies, you cut your risk by a big margin.

GAVIN: OK. And step 2?

MARTIN: Invest strictly in the best cryptocurrencies.

GAVIN: Does that include Bitcoin?

MARTIN: It does now, yes. Bitcoin now gets a Weiss Rating of A-. Same for Ethereum, A-. But as I mentioned before, others we have chosen for this strategy have far, FAR more profit potential.

GAVIN: This is amazing. And you have a presentation on these high-potential cryptocurrencies.

MARTIN: Yes. I’ll take it from here. So now let’s go BEYOND BITCOIN -- to talk about three super cryptocurrencies with even better profit potential in this new crypto superboom.

Beyond Bitcoin:
Three Cryptocurrencies with
The Greatest Profit Potential
In the New Crypto Superboom

This super cryptocurrency with a high Weiss rating has technology that’s more than 20,000 times faster than Bitcoin.

Thanks to its blinding speed …

It will do all of those things more privately, more accurately, faster, and MORE SECURELY.

I cannot stress this enough. Security!

Security is of ultimate importance for you personally. And it’s of ultimate importance to the United States.

In fact, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have recently reported that foreign hackers have sought to penetrate critical infrastructure sectors of America.

That includes energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation, manufacturing, even the CIA. And it’s getting worse.

Now, the technology of this super crypto could allow all of those facilities to run all their operations with virtually zero threat from hackers, meddlers or cyberattacks.

We’ll tell you precisely how to get started investing in this revolutionary cryptocurrency in our just-released special research report “Super Crypto #1: 20,000 Times Faster than Bitcoin.” I will send you this report for free.

But first, let me tell you about …Super Crypto #2: Thunder from the East

This is a cryptocurrency very few Western investors are aware of right now. And yet, it’s perfectly positioned to dominate the Chinese market.

The team behind this crypto is local.

They speak the language and know the culture.

And they’re experts at finding their way through the thicket of Chinese government regulations that often frustrate foreign businesses.

On top of that, China is very suspicious of Western control over their technology.

After centuries of intrusions by outside countries, their entire focus in the 21st Century is to gain full control over their hardware and software.

So, Beijing is naturally inclined to favor a home-grown crypto over any foreign one.

And all this gives this super crypto a huge strategic advantage in China, the fastest-growing economy in the world.

Plus, it’s not just in China.

Globally speaking, this super cryptocurrency can perform thousands of business applications Bitcoin cannot dream of handling.

Yet, it is tremendously undervalued, with only about 1/30th the market cap of Bitcoin. It’s far superior to Bitcoin. But you can buy it for far LESS than Bitcoin.

That gives you a good sense of just how much money you could make as this Chinese super crypto begins to catch up with Bitcoin, and eventually overtakes Bitcoin.

Plus, if dominating the Chinese market isn’t enough…

This crypto pays the equivalent
of 20% “dividends.”

They’re not dividends like most companies pay, but the benefit to owners of this crypto is similar.

This cryptocurrency’s 20% “dividend” is …

It’s all in a second free report I want to send you, “Super Crypto #2: Thunder from the East.”

In this free report, we give you a complete roadmap for potential life-changing profits from this company’s strategic advantage in the massive Chinese market.

And these are just two of the 12 cryptocurrencies we’ve rated with better technology than Bitcoin.

In addition to this, Crypto stocks give you another great way to get rich.

Some companies are jumping on advanced cryptocurrency technology to transform their business.

They are likely to leave their competitors in the dust.

These are companies already listed on the NYSE and major stock exchanges. So you can buy them like any other stock.

For example, take a look at our…

#1 Crypto Stock to Buy Now:
A legal currency printing press.

As you may know, in order to create cryptocurrencies, you have to mine them, and this little-known company is the largest and lowest cost crypto miner in the world.

We just visited its remote, but massive server farms very recently. It uses those server farms to mint new crypto currency coins every day.

Then, it sells just enough of them to cover its operating costs.

The rest is pure profit, which it stores.

It builds up a stockpile of these cryptocurrencies. As this stockpile grows larger and larger each month, the company has more value.

So, with this stock, you get a slice of a large and fast-growing pile of crypto that could be worth a fortune as the crypto revolution accelerates.

In effect, owning this stock could be like having a legal currency printing press in your basement.

You can easily buy the shares in your standard brokerage account.

And you can put it in your IRA, where it can accumulate profits tax deferred.

Think that’s unusual and extraordinary?

You’re darn right it is. But we’re not the only ones who are bullish on this company.

Fidelity Investments, the world’s largest discount broker, owns 9.7%.

The second richest crypto billionaire in the world swept up 26% of the shares.

One of the world’s most respected gold funds owns another 6%.

And as you know, gold investors are notoriously skeptical.

So when one of the world’s largest gold funds jumps into crypto, it’s a reaffirmation of crypto’s function as an enduring store of value.

We’ll tell you all about this stock. We’ll give you our recommendation on when to buy it and what to pay for it.

All in your free copy of “Our #1 Crypto Stock to Buy Now: A Legal Currency Printing Press in Your Basement”

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Little-known cryptocurrencies poised
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