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From the only rating agency in the
world that grades cryptocurrencies:

Introducing Weiss Ratings
Crypto Investor

Our cryptocurrency ratings are the first and only ones in the world. They could have helped investors avoid the recent Bitcoin crash by warning them that it was dangerously out of date.

Then, our ratings guided investors to gains of 89%, 166%, 255% in just one month with our three super cryptocurrencies.

These are among the 12 that our ratings indicate have technology vastly superior to Bitcoin’s.

And these are the ones that could make you five or even 10 times more profit than Bitcoin.

Dear Investor,

I’m Martin Weiss, and my company created the world’s first and only ratings of cryptocurrencies.

When my team and I first launched our cryptocurrency ratings, we told investors NOT to buy the biggest and most famous cryptocurrency of all, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s technology was slow, old and out of date. And it was grossly overpriced. Still, the reaction from the crypto world was not pretty.

Bitcoin owners wanted my head on a spike. They even mounted a cyber-attack on our computer servers. But we were right. Bitcoin crashed, and those who heeded our warnings could have avoided big losses.

What’s equally important is that our ratings guided investors to the three most ADVANCED cryptocurrencies that were truly primed for massive growth.

In a moment, I’ll tell you about one which is 20,000 times faster than Bitcoin … plus another that’s poised to dominate in the fastest growing economy of the world.

We called them SUPER cryptocurrencies, and they have soared in value!

The first super cryptocurrency we recommended rose 89% in a month. The second rose 166%. And the third surged by 255%.

ALL in just ONE month.

These three technologically advanced cryptocurrencies could have made you gains of over $2.1 million!

Last year, these same three super cryptos made investors even more money.

The first surged by 3,353% in three months. If you had invested $10,000 in this cryptocurrency, you could have made a profit of as much as $335,300. Not bad for three months’ work.

The second did even better. It skyrocketed in value, rising 5,849% in TWO months. If you invested $10,000 in this super crypto, your profit could have been as much as $584,900.

The third did the best of all but took a bit more time to do so. It surged 12,391% in SIX months. If you had invested $10,000, in this super crypto, you could have made up to $1,239,100.

All told, investing $10,000 in each of just these three cryptocurrencies alone could have made you gains of more than $2,188,000.

So it’s little wonder our cryptocurrency ratings, which we first announced on CNBC, made such a big splash and instantly set the crypto world ablaze.

It’s understandable why Money Magazine, Forbes, Fox Business, CNBC, The Hill Newspaper and many others have recognized how important our cryptocurrency ratings are.

Social media went wild. Hundreds of thousands of investors rushed to our website. Millions jumped on our ratings in search of new profit opportunities.

But we responded with a warning: Before you get too carried away with the tremendous profit potential, remember that not every year can be as good as last year. Plus, you also have to pay close attention to RISK. In any investment, eliminating risk is impossible, and that’s especially true for cryptocurrencies.

That’s why our ratings are designed to zero in on the few cryptocurrencies that we believe are the LEAST vulnerable to sharp declines and the most likely to enjoy the biggest rises.

These technologically advanced cryptocurrencies will change the way the world does business.

These are the cryptocurrencies with the potential to truly change the world for the better. They could replace traditional credit cards, checks and wire transfers. And they can do it all with hack-proof protection of sensitive, private information.

They’re so fast, so private and so secure, they could disrupt thousands of businesses; and a growing number of smart business leaders are beginning to take action. For example …

These super cryptocurrencies will also improve your life in a very personal and dramatic way.

You and only you will have direct control over your wealth. No bank failure will ever affect you. No stock broker will ever take you to the cleaners. No malicious government in the world will ever be able to confiscate it.

And you will get back your PRIVACY!

Facebook was recently in the news because it sold your private information to a rogue British company that helped manipulate the 2016 election.

In fact, Facebook’s entire business model has been based on tracking you and your friends, even creating games to psychologically profile you, and then selling your private information for a profit.

That will not be possible with the new crypto technology. And these are just a few of the many major problems that advanced cryptocurrency technology will solve.

That’s why early investors have made so much money in cryptocurrencies, and why they have the potential to make so much more.

Profit potential that could be even greater than the $2,188,000 you could have made with just three of our super cryptocurrencies in recent months.

And in today’s world, the clincher is SECURITY:
Protection against all kinds of hacks and security breaches.

That’s important because companies like Facebook and Google — or big banks and credit rating agencies — know so much about you. They’ve have gathered your personal information. They’ve stored it in data centers. And they’ve connected their data centers to the Web with millions of computers all over the world.

That makes your personal identity a sitting duck for hackers. Bad actors can steal everything, and they do it all the time.

They can take your Social Security check. They can file fake tax returns in your name. They get your refund check. You get the audit.

Plus, they can use your credit cards to fly first class around the world on your dime.

Last year for example, there was a massive security breach at Equifax, one of the largest credit rating agencies, where hackers stole personal information of 145 million Americans.

At Target, 70 million retail accounts were hacked.

Even JPMorgan Chase was a victim. It’s a financial giant with tremendous resources and technical savvy, but it couldn’t protect the privacy of its clients. It was a major cyber security breach, and hackers broke in and stole the account information of 76 million customers.

My friend, this cannot happen with advanced crypto technology.

The data is dispersed across multiple sites, and no one person, no one company has the keys.

To break in, hackers would have to penetrate an insurmountable number of computers all over the Internet. That's an impossible feat.

So you can see why the world’s largest companies are desperate for this kind of technology to protect their massive databases. The demand for this technology is just beginning to explode, and it’s happening globally.

Plus, with this surging demand, you can also see why the profit opportunities are so enormous in the super cryptocurrencies that have this superior technology. 

These cryptos are the ones you want to own for an opportunity to make profits like investors used to make in Bitcoin. Like the $2,188,000 you could have made last year in the three super cryptos that merit our highest rating. 

The billion-dollar question is:

“Which cryptos will be the next biggest winners?”

Martin Weiss (right) discussing the world’s first cryptocurrency ratings on CNBC

Again, our ratings could give you the answer. They’re based on tens of thousands of daily calculations on each cryptocurrency.

They evaluate each crypto’s technology, usage, investment risk and reward. They are scientific and 100% conflict-of-interest-free.

They’re the only cryptocurrency ratings in the world. And they’re absolutely essential to help you cut through the hype to identify the few truly solid, most promising cryptocurrencies.

That’s what opens the door for you to the greatest profit potential in generations. Without the hype. And with full understanding of the risk.

I repeat: My company is the only rating agency in the world that provides grades on cryptocurrencies.

But there’s also one other thing that makes us stand out.

You see, other rating agencies — like Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s — collect big fees from the companies they rate. That’s an obvious conflict that introduces a very serious bias into the ratings process.

Well, since I began Weiss Ratings in 1971, I have never done business that way … and I never will. We never accept a dime from the companies we rate.

As Esquire magazine wrote, “Weiss is the only one who provides grades with no conflicts of interest.”

And as Barron’s wrote, “Weiss is the leader in identifying vulnerable companies.”

It’s all about independence and objectivity.
That’s what helps make our cryptocurrency
ratings so reliable.

Money Magazine applauded how we are “judging the overall risk-reward proposition of 79 of the best-known cryptocurrencies.”

The Motley Fool says “Weiss specializes in separating financially stable [crypto] investments from risky gambles, placing a premium on high-quality operations and a long-term view.”

Forbes, Fox Business, CNBC and cryptocurrency blogs all over the world quote our cryptocurrency ratings.

Our cryptocurrency ratings are so popular because they are the only objective tool investors have to cut through the bias, sidestep the garbage, and go for the tremendous profit opportunities that super cryptocurrencies offer.

So now let me tell you more about the most advanced crypto technologies in the world today. First consider ...

Super Crypto #1:
20,000 Times Faster than Bitcoin

That’s right. This super cryptocurrency with a high Weiss rating has technology that’s more than 20,000 times faster than Bitcoin.

That may seem unbelievable, but it’s true.

Thanks to its blinding speed …

It will do all of those things more privately, more accurately, faster, and MORE SECURELY.

I cannot stress this enough. Security!

Security is of ultimate importance for you personally. And it’s of ultimate importance to the United States.

In fact, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have recently reported that foreign hackers have sought to penetrate critical infrastructure sectors of America.

That includes energy, nuclear, commercial facilities, water, aviation, manufacturing, even the CIA. And it’s getting worse.

Now, the technology of this super crypto could allow all of those facilities to run all their operations with virtually zero threat from hackers, meddlers or cyberattacks.

We’ll tell you precisely how to get started investing in this revolutionary cryptocurrency in our just-released special research report “Super Crypto #1: 20,000 Times Faster than Bitcoin.” I will send you this report for free.

But first, let me tell you about …

Super Crypto #2:
Thunder from the East

This is a cryptocurrency very few Western investors are aware right now. And yet, it’s perfectly positioned to dominate the Chinese market.

The team behind this crypto is local. They speak the language and know the culture. And they’re experts at finding their way through the thicket of Chinese government regulations that often frustrate foreign businesses.

On top of that, China is very suspicious of Western control over their technology. After centuries of intrusions by outside countries, their entire focus in the 21st Century is to gain full control over their hardware and software.

So Beijing is naturally inclined to favor a home-grown crypto over any foreign one.

And all this gives this super crypto a huge strategic advantage in China, the fastest-growing economy in the world.

Plus, it’s not just in China. Globally speaking, this super cryptocurrency can perform thousands of business applications Bitcoin cannot dream of handling.

Yet, it is tremendously undervalued, with only about 1/30th the market cap of Bitcoin.

It’s far superior to Bitcoin. But you can buy it for far LESS than Bitcoin.

That gives you a good sense of just how much money you could make as this Chinese super crypto begins to catch up with Bitcoin, and eventually overtakes Bitcoin.

20% “Dividends.”
That’s 10 Times the
Dividend of the S&P 500

Plus, if dominating the Chinese market isn’t enough, this crypto pays the equivalent of 20% “dividends.”

They’re not dividends like most companies pay, but the benefit to owners of this crypto is similar.

This cryptocurrency’s 20% “dividend” is …

It’s all in a second free report I want to send you, “Super Crypto #2: Thunder from the East.”

In this free report, we give you a complete roadmap for potential life-changing profits from this company’s strategic advantage in the massive Chinese market.

And these are just two of the 12 cryptocurrencies we’ve rated with better technology than Bitcoin.

In addition …

Crypto stocks give you another
great way to get rich

Some companies are jumping on advanced cryptocurrency technology to transform their business. They are likely to leave their competitors in the dust.

These are companies already listed on the NYSE and major stock exchanges. So you can buy them like any other stock.

Our #1 Super Crypto Stock:
A legal currency printing press

For example, take a look at our #1 Crypto Stock to Buy Now: A legal currency printing press.

As you may know, in order to create cryptocurrencies, you have to mine them, and this little-known company is the largest and lowest cost crypto miner in the world.

We just visited its remote, but massive server farms very recently. It uses those server farms to mint new crypto currency coins every day.

Then, it sells just enough of them to cover its operating costs. The rest is pure profit, which it stores. It builds up a stockpile of these cryptocurrencies. As this stockpile grows larger and larger each month, the company has more value.

So, with this stock, you get a slice of a large and fast-growing pile of crypto that could be worth a fortune as the crypto revolution accelerates.

In effect, owning this stock could be like having a legal currency printing press in your basement.

You can easily buy the shares in your standard brokerage account. And you can put it in your IRA, where it can accumulate profits tax deferred.

Think that’s unusual and extraordinary?

You’re darn right it is. But we’re not the only ones who are bullish on this company.

Fidelity Investments, the world’s largest discount broker, owns 9.7%.

The second richest crypto billionaire in the world swept up 26% of the shares.

One of the world’s most respected gold funds owns another 6%.

And as you know, gold investors are notoriously skeptical. So when one of the world’s largest gold funds jumps into crypto, it’s a reaffirmation of crypto’s function as an enduring store of value.

We’ll tell you all about this stock. We’ll give you our recommendation on when to buy it and what to pay for it.

All in your free copy of “Our #1 Crypto Stock to Buy Now: A Legal Currency Printing Press in Your Basement”

I’ll send you all three reports for free

Normally, each of these reports sells for $79, or a total of $237 for the three. 

But you get them all at zero cost when you accept a risk-free trial in Weiss Ratings’ flagship newsletter on cryptocurrencies and crypto stocks, Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor.

Or call TOLL-FREE 800-980-4102
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Red-Hot Recommendations from Two of the
Brightest Crypto Nerds I Know

Each month, Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor brings you fresh, hot money-making opportunities in cryptocurrencies and stocks from two of the brightest crypto nerds I’ve ever met.

The first is my young friend, Juan Villaverde. He’s a pioneering crypto researcher and advanced mathematician. He leads the Weiss Ratings team of analysts and computer programmers who created our cryptocurrency ratings in the first place.

Juan literally exudes knowledge and enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies. Every month, he’ll alert you to little-known cryptocurrencies poised for exponential growth.

He’ll also warn you away from hyped-up cryptos that look good on the surface but you shouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

The second is my old friend Tony Sagami. He began studying math and investing when he was barely out of grammar school.

When he was just in his 20s, he owned a software company that devised one of the first quantitative models to forecast stock prices.

He famously told his subscribers to sell all their tech stocks in January 2000 — three days before the dot-com crash. And today, many Wall Street firms rely on updated versions of Tony’s model.

For Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor, he quite literally scours the globe to bring you the up-and-coming companies that are leading the crypto revolution and benefiting their shareholders handsomely.

Each month, you’ll get Juan and Tony’s latest forecasts and hottest recommendations.

Plus, Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor gives you not just one but two complete model portfolios:

One for cryptocurrencies themselves!

And one for crypto stocks!

Normally, one year of Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor goes for $268. But if you click the button below right now, I’ll send you 12 monthly issues for just $29.

That’s less than 8 cents a day — probably less than what’s in the cracks of your couch — for the only cryptocurrency and crypto stock recommendations in the world that are based on conflict-of-interest-free, scientific crypto ratings.

Plus, when you join now, I’ll rush you all three reports as my thank-you for giving Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor a try.

And to make it as easy as possible to start trading the cryptos we recommend, I also want you to have another major bonus:

Crypto Investing for Newcomers — A Step-by-Step Video Course for Crypto Investing — a $189 value.

This in-depth video course tells you everything you need to know to get started with cryptocurrencies — what they are, why they’re so valuable, and how to invest in them.

We show you, step-by-step, precisely how to open an account on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.

We show you how getting started in crypto is not difficult.

Actually, it is unfamiliar to investors who are accustomed to stock investing. But once you’re up and running, it’s a piece of cake.

And with this course, you’ll have everything you need laid out like A, B, C. So you can soon start buying the highest-rated cryptocurrencies in Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor.

Still, it’s important to always stay up to date with the latest news as well. And with that in mind …

I will also give you a free lifetime subscription to Weiss Crypto Alert! That’s the e-letter we publish every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The crypto world moves faster than any other market on the planet, and our Weiss Crypto Alert keeps you on the cutting edge of all things crypto.

Three times each week, our team of analysts gives you expert commentary.

We alert you to up-and-coming opportunities.

We warn you about scams and misinformation.

We provide our unbiased responses to the breaking crypto news of the day.

Or call TOLL-FREE 800-980-4102
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You must be thrilled with the money you make,
or you don’t owe me a dime.

Try Weiss Ratings Crypto Investor for 12 full months.

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I’ll give you back every penny you’ve paid for your subscription and you can keep all your special reports, my gift to you.

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Plus, if you join today, I’ll send
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“Facebook Killer: The Little-Known
Cryptocurrency That pays You for your Posts”

Remember how I told that Facebook invades your privacy and sells your private information.

Well, it’s valuable to advertisers only because of the content YOU provide. You do the work, they get the money.

But the new social media site I tell you about in this report is based on crypto technology. We believe it will attract millions of users, and early investors could make profits that compare to the profits made in Facebook by investors who got in when it first issued shares to the public.

This extra bonus is also sold separately for $79. It’s yours free, provided you join today.

You get a total of $744 in free gifts and discounts.

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Just listen to what others
are saying about Weiss Ratings

“Your transparent and unbiased rating will bring light to the darkness and murky crypto world … I pray to God for more strength to your rating agency.”

— Shaji M.

“Thanks to [your] sound financial advice and some fortunate investment choices, my original $352,000 in my 401K is now worth $2,171,000.”

— John D.

“The Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings are not based on fashionable trends, friendship, or opinions. They’re based on tens of thousands of daily calculations on each cryptocurrency. They are scientific and 100% objective. That’s what opens the door to the truly greatest profit potential in several generations.”

— B.C, Editor of Oil & Energy Investment Report

“I have used your ratings; I presently have no losers in my portfolio.”

— Larry S.

“Integrity and dedication to his subscribers is outstanding … He calls it right, and early.”

— Tom A.

“I based my decision to buy … on your ratings and earned a 106% gain in less than 30 days!”

— R.C.

“The cryptos with the highest Weiss Ratings have outperformed gold by a mile. With a small investment of just $3,000, you could have made over $200,000.”

— D.R., Editor, Renegade Gold Investor

“I welcome that you are now part of the industry bringing along your analytical mind and fearlessness. Welcome and bravo! It takes a great mind to do what you did in the industry albeit controversial.”

— U.C.

“You saved me and my father a lot of money back in 1999 and in 2008 by warning us of the cesspool banks and companies that were ready to implode…it’s nice to see you are looking into crypto now…look forward to following your research and grades”

— Shawn

Or call TOLL-FREE 800-980-4102
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This is Martin Weiss, founder of Weiss Ratings. Thank you for your time. I hope to see you again very soon.


Martin D. Weiss, PhD
Founder, Weiss Ratings