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The Next Bitcoins

by Dr. Martin D. Weiss, Founder

Martin Weiss

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Hello and please accept my heartfelt welcome to our Weiss Ratings headquarters here in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida — for a conversation that’s timely in the extreme: The next Bitcoins.

If you’re a Bitcoin fan, don’t worry. I’m not talking about things that will replace Bitcoin. Rather, what I’m going to cover today is a shortlist of cryptocurrencies that we believe have the best potential to collectively create greater wealth for investors than Bitcoin ever has ... or probably ever will.

That’s a lot of wealth. More than most people can imagine.

An investor who bought a meager $100 when Bitcoin first traded publicly, and simply held it through the ups and downs, would have more than $77 million today.

Actually, $77,176,667 to be exact.

More than $77 million starting with just $100.

Can that feat really be repeated? Could you invest $100 right now and again turn it into tens of millions of dollars?

In Bitcoin? No!

Back in the early days, Bitcoin was still a small, experimental asset, much like a penny stock.

And obviously, that’s not the case today. Today, Bitcoin is a much more mature asset. It has already surpassed $1 trillion in market cap. It has already created countless Bitcoin millionaires and even Bitcoin billionaires.

Don’t get me wrong, we believe that Bitcoin still has enormous growth potential.

But for the opportunity to build the kind of monumental wealth that early Bitcoin investors have created for themselves ... you need to look beyond Bitcoin to the six cryptos I’ll tell you about today.

You need to take a deep dive into a sector of the crypto world that very few people have ever heard of.

I call it The Greatest Money Revolution of All Time.

I don't think that’s an overstatement. Some might even say it’s an understatement.

Because the little-known cryptos I name in a moment are beginning to thoroughly revolutionize the largest industry on earth … banking and finance!

They are creating a new, absolutely transformative sector of the crypto world called Decentralized Finance, or DeFi for short.

It’s an entirely new kind of financial system that cuts out the middleman, that lets people borrow and lend money directly from each other, that lets people buy and sell assets directly from each other.

Peer to peer. Without traditional banks, without brokers, even without stock exchanges!

And here’s the part I like the best: Without the big central banks of the world debasing the currency that our assets are denominated in.

But before I continue, let me make one thing clear. I’m extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity, and at the same time, I’m a conservative investor. So, in this presentation, please forgive me if I temper my enthusiasm with some warnings, starting with this one:

Most cryptocurrencies are very volatile investments. If you buy the wrong ones, or buy and sell at the wrong time, you could also lose a lot of money. That’s true about the past examples I’ll tell you about today. And it’s equally true for any future opportunities that may come our way.

Regardless of market ups and downs, however, everything I see and everything I know tells me that this new world of decentralized finance is going to continue evolving and growing with widespread impact on almost everything connected to money, markets … and banking.

Billionaire Mark Cuban says, “banks should be scared” of this great revolution.

Brian Brooks, former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, says it is “one of the great forces reshaping financial services.”

Why? Because this new world of DeFi and the cryptos I’ll name for you today have already laid the groundwork for transforming nearly our entire world from a centralized system, controlled by elites, into a decentralized system, controlled by billions of users.

Ironically, this story is not about Bitcoin, except for one thing: Bitcoin was the pioneer, Bitcoin was the trailblazer in the ultra-secure, ultra-private technology that has made all this possible: Blockchain.

But the potential for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is ultimately much bigger than Bitcoin’s.

Hard to believe?
Then just look at these facts …

Just look at the numbers:

The total assets in the financial system today add up to more than $400 trillion! That’s more than enormous. It’s 20 times bigger than the entire GDP of the United States.

According to DeFi Pulse, a website which tracks this sector of the crypto world, back in 2020, Decentralized Finance had less than $1 billion in assets. Now, it’s close to $100 billion in assets.

Total Assets in DeFi

It has grown more than 100-fold in that short period of time!

But remember: The traditional financial system has $400 trillion in assets. So, it’s still about 4,000 times larger than Decentralized Finance.

If Decentralized Finance can compete with, or replace, just 10% of traditional finance, it will have grown 400 times. And it will be 40 times larger than Bitcoin is today.

That’s why the opportunities we’re going to spell out here today are so amazing. There’s just so much more room for growth.

And that’s why I want to focus today on not just one, but three different methods to take advantage of this explosive transformation.

First, let me give you a quick preview of each. Then, I’ll delve into the details of each one, including one absolutely wild, outlier situation that recently gave early investors the opportunity for 125,000% returns in just a few months.

And finally I’ll give you five simple steps you can take today — to get started almost immediately.

Here’s a quick overview of my three ways to buy into this great money revolution:

Method #1 for getting in on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is simply to own the cryptocurrency that provides the infrastructure — the basic building blocks without which this amazing new world of DeFi would not be possible today.

This cryptocurrency is easy to buy, and in rising markets, it has grown three times faster than Bitcoin, on average.

I’ll name it for you in just a moment.

Method #2 is to own three smaller cryptos I’ll tell you about in a moment that are already proven leaders in the world of DeFi.

They’re also easy to buy and their growth during rising markets has been even faster.

Method #3 is the most intriguing of all. I’m talking about the rare, undiscovered coins that are still virtually unknown, and that are not so easy to buy.

You might ask ...

“If it’s not so easy to buy, why bother?”

Well, that, my friend, is precisely why investing in those cryptos are so mindboggling.

You see, it’s precisely because they’re hidden and not as easy to buy that most people don’t even know they exist.

And it’s precisely because most people don’t know they exist, that an investor can buy them so cheaply, getting in at the ground floor.

So much so, that we have a team of expert analysts here at Weiss Ratings that devotes nearly their entire time exclusively to finding these unknown, undiscovered cryptos.

And one of the main reasons I’m here today is to help make it easier to buy them with some step-by-step guidance — to have the opportunity to own them before most others might even learn about them.

Like Buying Facebook Before Its IPO

In some ways, you might say this buying method — this backdoor buying method we’re going to show you — is like having the chance to buy the next Facebook before its IPO.

An investor who bought Facebook right AFTER its IPO could have walked away with a gain of 845%.

But Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, walked away with a gain of nearly 200,000%.

He turned a $500,000 investment into a staggering $1 billion.

I think one reason Thiel was so successful was simply because he got lucky. But the key reason I want to focus on is the fact that he’s an industry insider and an accredited investor, which gave him the chance to scoop up Facebook shares long before it was listed on the Nasdaq.

Trouble is, investing this way in companies is not possible for most people.

But something like this IS open to regular folks in the crypto world, provided you know how.

I don’t mean in terms of the profits you can make. Those are bound to be very different from what investors made in Facebook. Nor do I mean it in terms of being a qualified investor. The similarity I’m talking about is simply the ability to buy the asset before most other investors.

It’s a perfectly legal, perfectly reasonable backdoor method for buying cryptos.

You don’t need to be an accredited investor.

You don’t need to be an industry insider.

And you don’t need to get involved with options, futures, margin accounts, investments of unlimited risks of any kind.

So, now let me tell you exactly how to to use all three of these methods, including the names of three cryptos we think are among those with the most promising future.

And let me give you the info you need to get ready to buy them.

But don’t necessarily rush out to buy today.

We recommend investors always wait for our new buy signals to get in when we think the price is right.

The first opportunity is to buy that cryptocurrency which represents the primary infrastructure of the DeFi world. Actually, it supports 90% or more of all the DeFi assets and transactions.

In its last crypto bull market which ended in January 2018, it rose 4.5 times more than Bitcoin. And in the most recent bull run, from December 2018 to November 2021, it rose 2.7 faster than Bitcoin.

This crypto, which I’ll name in a sec, is best described as the paramount world computer — a mega-network of individual computers with a database that’s shared or sharable by millions of users all over the globe.

It supports thousands of different computer applications that are not controlled by any centralized company or any centralized organization that are called Decentralized Applications or DApps.

And almost the entire world of Decentralized Finance — the massively big opportunity we’re talking about today — lives on this network, this blockchain network.

That’s the main reason the cryptocurrency of this network has surged so dramatically in value. And it’s also the main reason we think it’s still grossly undervalued.

The second opportunity is in the smaller DeFi coins, which have historically been among the fastest growing digital assets of all, and I’ll also name a couple here today in just a moment.

But first, let me ask you this: Do you have an account on a major crypto exchange, such as Coinbase, Kraken or Gemini? Is that how you buy cryptocurrencies?

If so, even if you’re making a lot of money, you’re probably leaving most of your profit potential on the table.

For example, let’s go back to July 9, 2020.

If a crypto trader logged onto his account at a major U.S.-based crypto exchange, he could have bought a leading DeFi cryptocurrency called Synthetix, symbol SNX. And he could have paid less than $3 per coin, $2.82 to be exact.

Synthetix (SNX)
Bought at $2.82, Sold for $26.50

Within about six months, Synthetix rose to $26.50. So, he could have made more than nine times his money. That’s darn good.

Another DeFi star
Bought at $2.21, Sold for $27.50

Around the same time, he could have also bought another star in the DeFi world for $2.21. And he could have watched it soar all the way to $27.50.

More than 12 times his money. (YFI)
Bought at $4,106, Sold for $43,338

Or consider, symbol YFI. It also saw a sudden spike.

On August 10, 2020, a trader could have bought YFI on Coinbase for $4,106. Then, just 33 days later, it reached a peak closing price of $43,338. That’s a 955% gain. (YFI) Growth Chart

I don’t think anyone would complain about a 955% gain in just 33 days.

But in each of these three examples, the starting price I cited was the first day of trading on a major exchange, like Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini. Buying them at that moment in time was kind of like buying Facebook after its IPO.

But these same traders could have made much more money if they had bought them using our backdoor, early-bird buying method. This method involves several more clicks of your mouse, several more steps.

But it has many times more profit potential.

Trouble is, if they log onto their regular exchange account right now, they wouldn’t even see the rare cryptos that we’ve uncovered.

And yet, these are the ones that we think have the best chance of becoming one of the leaders of the fast-growing DeFi world.

And, with our early-bird buying method, these cryptos can be bought at a fraction of the cost that most others will pay.

Let’s say most investors wait to buy until the crypto is listed on Coinbase or Gemini or Kraken. And let’s say you buy it with our early-bird method. How much less do you think you could get it for?

Well, the answer is you could pay 80% less. For every dollar others might wind up paying later, you’d pay just 20 cents.

Sometimes, you could pay just 10 cents on the dollar. Maybe even just one cent on the dollar.

I know this sounds too good to be true. But think of it like buying a potentially precious item in an outdoor swap shop BEFORE it shows up in an established, regulated exchange.

How many cryptos exist today? Well, last I checked, a popular data provider,, listed over 12,000 different cryptocurrencies, most of which are pure garbage, according to our ratings. So if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could wind up with an investment that’s worthless today and will continue to be worthless in the future.

Or worse, you could buy one that’s been hyped up with pump-and-dump schemes, pay a high price and then lose your money as it crashes back down to earth.

But if you have solid research and analysis, I feel you have an opportunity to pick up a valuable asset sooner — and sometimes much more cheaply — than most other buyers.

Let me show you three actual examples, using the very same three cryptos we just reviewed.

Instead of 9x gain, you’d have a 55x gain.

First, Synthetix. Like I said, on July 9, 2020, investors could have picked up Synthetix when it was first listed on a major exchange, like Coinbase, and you could have paid $2.82 per coin. Then, it surged to $26.50 per coin. That was the nine-fold gain I told you about:

But if they used our early-bird buying method, they could have bought Synthetix much earlier. Instead of paying $2.82, they could have bought it for just 48 cents. That’s an 82% discount off what other investors later paid.

So, instead of multiplying their money by “merely” nine times, they could have multiplied their money by over 55 times.

I repeat: A 55-fold gain instead of a nine-fold gain!

The other DeFi star
Instead of 12x, you’d have 125x.

The potential advantage of using our backdoor buying method for our second example, the second star of the DeFi world, was even greater.

Remember: When it first appeared on Coinbase, a trader could have bought it for $2.21 and watched it surge to $27.50, right?

So, buying it the regular way, as I said, he could have made more than 12 times his money. Not bad.

But with the early-bird buying method, instead of paying $2.21, you could have paid just 22 cents.

22 cents instead of $2.21! That’s 90% less.

So, instead of a 12x profit opportunity, it could have been a 125x opportunity.

The other DeFi star
Instead of 10x, you’d have 1,250x

And look at (YFI), the biggest winner of all in this group. Remember what I said. The first day it was listed on a major exchange was August 10, 2020. Its price on that day was $4,106. Then, 33 days later, that’s when it surged to $43,338 — a gain of 955%.

But with our early-bird, backdoor buying method, the purchase price could have been just $35. That’s 99% less.

So, instead of a 955% gain, we’d be talking about a gain of 125,336%. In other words, instead of an opportunity for a 10-fold gain, it would be an opportunity for about a 1,250-fold gain. (YFI) Growth Chart

If investors could make just one-tenth of that, they’d still be looking at the potential for major opportunities fortunes from a small initial investment, possibly in a very short period of time.

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering: What about the risk?

Well, it’s similar to buying a start-up. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could buy 10 of them and wind up with 10 laggards, or even 10 losers. But if you know what you’re doing, yes, you could still expect several losers. But you could also have a few big winners.

And you’d have a far better chance of at least one or two giving you the kind of blow-out profit potential we just talked about.

Sound hard to believe? Then, just check out this example of a crypto that our lead crypto expert, Juan Villaverde, recommended to investors in our monthly newsletter.

5,376% Gain on Cardano

It was Cardano, and he recommended it twice — first on September 12, 2018 when it sold for less than seven cents and then again on November 27, 2019, when it sold for less than four cents.

At the time, the vast majority of investors had no idea what Cardano was all about. Most didn’t even know of its existence.

But Juan said it was likely to be a shining star in the crypto world of the future, especially as a tool, or even a replacement, for those people that control the financial world today, including central banks.

Sure enough, at the close of trading in 2021, Cardano sold for $1.31, for an average gain of 2,572% on the two trades. Just $1,000 invested would have turned into over $26,000.

To give you some context, among the trades Juan recommended closing in 2021 — or recommended holding through the end of 2021 — three were losers with an average loss of 30%. And 19 were winners with an average gain of 689%.

Is this kind of opportunity for your keep-safe funds? Is it for all of your money?

Of course not!

But you don’t have to invest a lot of money. If we’re right about the opportunity, it could still make a significant difference in your life.

Now, no one can predict the future with precision. But our cryptocurrency experts study global capital flows. And in the years ahead, we see money rushing into this fast-growing sector of Decentralized Finance in two ways.

First, we predict a lot of new money will flow into the crypto world from the outside. From big companies like Tesla and Visa. From big banks and hedge funds.

Second, we predict that a lot of money will rush into Decentralized Finance from inside the crypto universe. From inside the crypto world. Bitcoin owners moving into the DeFi sector.

The result could be a massive repricing of cryptocurrencies. In other words, we foresee our favorite cryptos going up a lot faster than Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

Consider the Cardano example I just mentioned a moment ago. It is not typical, but it helps to make the point.

From the first day he recommended Cardano in 2018, through year-end 2021, Bitcoin rose about six fold. During the same time frame, Cardano rose about 34 fold.

Or compare Bitcoin to which I told you about.

On July 18, 2020, when (YFI) first traded, it was worth less than 0.0038 Bitcoin. On September 13, 2020, YFI was worth 4.2 Bitcoins, or 1,100 times more.

Since then, Bitcoin has partially caught up with YFI. But I think this brings home, again, my point that the DeFi world is truly a sleeping giant.

Before DeFi, I never would have said that you can invest just a few hundred dollars today and have the same kind of potential that early Bitcoin investors enjoyed.

But since the emergence of DeFi, I have come to believe that this is now possible.

Not for long, though. Soon, the word will get out.

And when that happens, you’re bound to see a much bigger flood of money gushing into DeFi, perhaps one of the biggest money flows we’ve ever seen in the crypto world.

Why are so many investors attracted to DeFi? A key reason can be summed up in one simple, five-letter word:


All over the world, millions of investors are starving for yield. And not just investors. Average savers and workers. Anyone with a bank account.

The numbers are enormous. According to the World Bank, about two-thirds of the world’s adult population has an account with a bank or a mobile money provider. That’s 3.8 billion people or 11 times the entire population of the United States!

And look at the bum deal they’re getting! For their hard-earned savings they’ve got on deposit, they’re getting practically zero yield.

In fact, the average yield you can get in the United States on a 1-year bank CD is 0.14%.

So, if you invest $10,000, all you get is a meager $14, barely enough for a taxi ride home.

And that’s after locking it up for a full year, mind you.

But for the money people borrow on their credit cards, they’re still getting charged more than 20%.

So, when they deposit $10,000, they get $14. But when they borrow $10,000, they pay $2,000?!

What a rip-off!

It just goes to show the massive, pent-up demand for a financial system that cuts out the middleman, that gives people a decent yield, and that doesn’t charge them indecent interest. It’s huge pent-up demand — not just from millions of people, but from billions of people!

At Least 20 Times More Yield Than Bank CDs

Right now, depositors in the DeFi world are earning up to 19.5%. That’s 139 times more than they could earn with the average 1-year bank CD in the United States.

So, once people learn about this, they’re going to flock to DeFi in massive numbers.

So, you might ask: “How does a conservative investor or saver like me using DeFi avoid the price risk?

Aren’t cryptocurrency prices very volatile?”

Yes, as I said at the outset most cryptos ARE very volatile. And that’s why income investors use what’s called “stablecoins.”

Stablecoins are digital assets pegged one-to-one to the U.S. dollar. They are designed to never fluctuate hardly at all in price.

Think of it like holding crypto dollars.

Then, you deposit your crypto dollars on a platform that acts as a lender, that earns interest and pays that interest back to you along with other rewards.

These high yields are not fixed. And unlike bank deposits, they’re not insured.

But the facts are clear. So let me give them to you here now.

In December of 2021, reported the average yield on a 1-year bank CD in the U.S. was 0.14%. At the same time, if you logged on to a DeFi platform called the Anchor protocol, and you deposited strictly stablecoins, you could earn 19.5%. That’s 139 times more.

I think millions of people, perhaps even billions, would be delighted to earn half that much. And it's this yearning for yield — this huge, pent-up demand for a decent rate of interest could be one of the most powerful forces in the financial world today.

I believe that’s the main thing surge in the value of DeFi coins unlike virtually any other price surge in the 50 years since I began my research and ratings company.

The market will go up … and the market will go down. But everything I’ve told you so far could be just the beginning of one of greatest opportunities since the launch of Bitcoin itself.

That’s saying a heck of a lot because as I’ve told you, a lot of money has been made in Bitcoin.

Just consider the history of my own company, Weiss Ratings …

Lunch for Four Now Worth $10 Million

About a decade ago, a Weiss executive was offered 200 Bitcoins stored on a small pen drive. Back then, it was just a gift, barely worth a nice lunch for four. Today, that small, friendly, gift would be worth about $10 million.

Profits of $1.5 Billion

A few years later, one of our Weiss analysts explained the amazing future of Bitcoin to a relatively small group of our readers.

If each of those readers had bought just one Bitcoin at that time, they could have made over $1.5 billion in profits, collectively.

And these are just a couple of examples of how my team took an early interest in Bitcoin — and how Bitcoin has created, or could have created thousands of instant millionaires and even a few billionaires.

But there’s more.

“Stay away or get the heck out!”

You see, that’s when we embarked on a monumental new project: To develop the world’s first and only cryptocurrency ratings.

At that point in time — late 2017 and early 2018, investors all over the world were going absolutely nuts for Bitcoin.

Crypto markets were in bubble-land, grossly overpriced and extremely risky.

So, our new crypto ratings naturally reflected that. And when we issued our first ratings, not a single crypto got an “A”. And Bitcoin got a mediocre rating, and most of the cryptos we rated got “D’s” and “E’s”.

So, our message to investors was absolutely clear: “Stay away or get the heck out.”

Bitcoin lovers around the world erupted in rage. They even mounted a cyber-attack on our Weiss Ratings website.

Fortunately for us, the attack failed. But unfortunately for Bitcoin owners, we were right: Bitcoin crashed and investors who failed to heed our warnings saw their portfolios lose most of their value.

December 12, 2018
Weiss Declares Time to Buy Bitcoin Again

Then, one year later, on December 12, 2018, when the price of Bitcoin was about to hit rock bottom … that’s when we announced to the world that it was finally time to start buying Bitcoin!

Our announcement went viral.

Coin Intel News broadcast it all over the internet, and they said,

“Weiss Ratings calls the bottom.”

Bitcoin News wrote …

“Weiss Ratings declares now best time to buy Bitcoin.”

Countless blogs and websites picked it up, too. And sure enough, three days later, Bitcoin hit rock bottom, and that was the end of the crypto bear market of 2018.

So now, the crypto crowd doesn’t hate us anymore.

One crypto commentator wrote,

“Your transparent and unbiased ratings will bring light to the darkness and murky crypto world.”

Forbes, CNBC, Fortune, and The Motley Fool

Forbes, CNBC, Fortune, The Motley Fool, and many others told their readers about the importance of the Weiss Crypto Ratings.

And crypto blogs all over the world have praised our Weiss Ratings experts for their uncanny accuracy in pinpointing

Now, the fast-growing world of Decentralized Finance is giving you a brand new opportunity, and I repeat, it’s the biggest investment opportunity I’ve personally seen since I founded my research and ratings company a half century ago.

A world that has grown 100-fold just since 2020. A world that could grow another 400-fold and still represent no more than 10% of the global financial system.

A world that has already generated, by far, the greatest gains of any sector of any economy on the planet today. And it’s still in its very, very early stages.

So, if you’re ready to jump on this opportunity, arguably the largest we’ve seen since the birth of Bitcoin, here are the five steps I recommend right now:

Your first step is to avoid our low-rated coins.

We currently rate over 500 cryptocurrencies, and most of those get very bad grades.

Don’t touch them with a ten-foot pole, no matter what hype you may hear on the internet.

Let me name seven which are among the ones that many investors get sucked into right now:

Just by avoiding these kinds of low-rated cryptos, we believe that investors can cut their risk by a wide margin.

Of course, with any investment, eliminating all risk is impossible, which is especially true for cryptocurrencies. And that's why it’s so important to focus on the few cryptocurrencies that we recommend.

Step 2. When we give you the signal, buy a stake in the great world computer I just told you about. I’m talking about Ethereum, the absolutely essential building block of Decentralized Finance.

In every single rising market since Ethereum was first launched, it has always gone up roughly three times more than Bitcoin.

And that was before DeFi even existed.

So I can say with a high level of confidence that Ethereum has grown so much faster over Bitcoin and every indicator we see tells me this will continue to be the pattern in rising markets.

But to help you truly benefit from this opportunity, I want to do more than just say “buy Ethereum.” Anyone could do that. It’s a no-brainer.

Ethereum Ebook

I’ve got something I think is far better for you. It’s our bonus report, “Your Guide to Ethereum and Higher Crypto Yields.” In this easy-to-follow guidebook, you learn three very important things.

First, you learn WHERE to buy Ethereum.

We name our top three picks among the highest-rated exchanges. If you don’t already have an account, we give you simple instructions on how to open one almost immediately.

Second, we help you decide WHEN to buy (or sell).

This is what 90% of investors get wrong. They either miss the opportunity to take profits entirely … or worse yet … they wind up selling only after it’s too late, and then they miss even bigger opportunities when Ethereum surges up again.

We give you simple guidelines to follow. Plus, we can send you follow-up guidance later when the time comes. More on this in a moment.

And here’s the big pay-off …

You’ll learn how to convert your Ethereum into stablecoins to earn yields that are vastly higher than what’s currently available in average U.S. bank accounts or money market funds.

As I explained earlier, in the world of decentralized finance, the yields currently available absolutely crush anything that’s available in the traditional financial world.

That’s why we call this guide “Your Guide to Ethereum and High Crypto Yields.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can download it instantly.

That’s step two.

Step 3. Download our second free report, “The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer.”

And remember: Ethereum is that giant world computer that anyone can share from anywhere in the world. But the Ethereum network itself lacks one thing, which we call the Eyes and Ears of the World Computer.

I’m talking about a specific cryptocurrency that connects the Ethereum network to the traditional financial world, that feeds the Ethereum blockchain with real-time data on current prices from all the financial markets of the world — New York, London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, even São Paulo, Johannesburg, and Sydney.

In this free report, we name the crypto. We show you where and how to buy it. And we also tell you when the time will come to sell it.

The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer Ebook

How much money could you make with this DeFi leader?

Well, no one can predict the future with precision, but I CAN tell you precisely how much investors could have made so far.

Let’s go back to December 12, 2018, when we announced to the world the beginning of the current crypto bull market.

$10,000 invested in Bitcoin at that time grew to $186,623. Not bad, right?

But those same $10,000 invested in the Eyes and Ears of the World Computer grew to $1,747,415.

That’s more than nine times better.

In a moment, I’ll show you exactly how to instantly download your report, The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer. But first, let’s move on to …

Step 4. Prepare for one of the best profit opportunities of all, by downloading your third free report …

Index Fund of Undiscovered Cryptos

The “Index Fund” of Undiscovered Cryptos

No, this is not an index fund you can buy in the stock market. Nor is it a cryptocurrency you can buy on a crypto exchange.

Instead, it’s a crypto that’s undiscovered. Undiscovered in two ways:

First, the only way you can buy this crypto today is with the backdoor method I told you about.

That way, you have the opportunity to buy it before it’s listed on any major exchange and before nearly all other investors buy.

Better yet, that way, a buyer has the chance to make many times more than other investors could make … ideally just like the examples I showed you earlier — six times more in Synthetix, 125 times more on and so on.

Second, this crypto gives you a stake in a diversified portfolio of cryptos that are themselves undiscovered.

That’s right. The crypto we name in this report is undiscovered and invests in cryptos that are undiscovered, potentially giving buyers a big head start with a diversified portfolio of what we believe to be up-and-coming cryptos that could, collectively, be among the next Bitcoins, in terms of how much new wealth they create for investors.

I repeat, you cannot buy this high-powered crypto fund from any broker or on any established crypto exchanges.

You can only buy it with the backdoor, early-bird buying method we’re talking about here.

So, what’s the solution?

Easy. Just move on to Step 5.

Step 5. The Weiss Video Tutorial Series: How to Buy Undiscovered Cryptos BEFORE Nearly All Other Investors

This is our series of three, easy-to-follow videos that walk you through the steps like one, two, three.

Look, I’ve bought undiscovered cryptos myself, and I can tell you from personal experience …

If you try to do it without a specialized tutorial like ours, it could take you a long time to get set up.

You might stumble from website to website. You might make an easily avoidable error that lands you in the wrong place. Or worse, you could wind up owning fake cryptos.

That’s right. For nearly every true crypto in the world today, there are often multiple fakes with the same name and symbol.

But with our Undiscovered Crypto Tutorial, it’s easy and it’s secure.

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